Do you know the Advantage of Tin Box's Packaging?

Do you know the Advantage of Tin Box's Packaging?

Now with more and more customers would like to choose tin box as their products packaging,after discuss with our colleagues and competitors,the main reason for it  as following:

1)Tinplate is A Recycled Material and Could be Reuse.

It could passed EN71,FDA Standard etc and could contact with Food Directly

Square Tea Tin

2)Various Shape For Choice.

It could be made with Round,Square,Semi-Cycle,House Shape or any other Design as customer's expected.It not only meets the packaging needs of different products, but also makes the packaging container more valued and promotes sales.

candle tin box

3)Exquisite Printing Effect.

Nice printing performance of metal materials; It could catch the eye of consumers and make the trademarks stand out in the market.

Heart Shape Chocolate Tin

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